28 Day Mama Strong Challenge

The 28 Day Mama Strong Challenge will provide everything you need to lose weight, get in shape and get back to your prebaby bod!

Is This Challenge For You?

Mama, you work hard!! With the house, the kids, work, cooking, cleaning – your needs and health often gets put on the back burner.

All you want is the energy to get through the day and to be fully present for your children and partner. You desire to be a better version of yourself.

Your kids want an active mom, and you want to give them that. You’re tired of sitting on the sidelines.

You’re ready to fit into your clothes again and you want your body back but you struggle with cravings and lack of exercise.

You want to be healthy and know the importance of it. But you just can’t seem to find the motivation to do what you need to do.

You’re reflection freaks you out cause you don’t like what you see and who you are becoming.

Does this sound familiar? Then you may be a perfect candidate for the Mama Strong Challenge!

What Do You Get in the Challenge?

Home Fitness

Amazing home fitness programs on DVD’s and online. Designed to get you the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.



A full nutrition guide, meal plan with shopping list and a super shake that will crush your cravings.


Personal coaching plus online group support to help you through your program.

Mama Strong Challenge FAQ

When is the next Challenge?

The next challenge starts on July 25th so make sure you get in quickly to get a spot!

Why Should I Join?

The Mama Strong Challenge is the beginning of a lifestyle change. It’s a full program designed to get you maximum results. Whether that’s losing the baby weight, getting long lean muscles or just feeling awesome in your own skin. The challenge will get you there!

With the Mama Strong Challenge you get:

  • World renowned fitness programs available on DVD’s and online
  • A nutrition guide
  • Meal plan with shopping list
  • A super food shake packed full of nutrients that will give you energy and curb your cravings
  • Online group support through a specialised app
  • Daily prompts and motivation from me via the app
  • Tracking system on the app
  • 1 on 1 coaching available with me

We begin the challenge getting to know each other in the group.

We create a vision for what you want to achieve.

We discuss meal prep and planning and we get ready to start the challenge strong!

We take our before pics and measurements. It’s up to you whether you want to share that information or not.

Each week we regroup and refocus and commit to getting our workouts in, sticking to the eating plan and holding each other accountable.

There are also participation prizes available for extra incentive and motivation!

If you’re willing to learn, grow and change and put in the work, you will see results!

What is the price?

The price depends on the program that you choose. Which is why if you’re interested, we need to set up a time to chat to discuss your needs and goals to find the best program for you.

Challenge packs range in price from $140 – $205

What's your guarantee?

There is a 30 day money back guarantee. You can participate in the ENTIRE challenge and if you don’t see or feel results you can simply return both the shake and fitness program for a full refund.

I'm ready! Now what??

Yeah!! We need to get you hooked up with the right program. So just fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch with you within a day! We will discuss what program is right for you and we will select a CHALLENGE PACK!
If you already have a Beachbody program but don’t have a coach, you can still apply.

Let’s do this!!

What happens after the challenge?

There are a few options for you after completing the challenge

  1. Continue with another round – once you complete round 1 you are always welcome to participate in as many rounds as you need to achieve your goal!
  2. Get another program – there are so many programs to choose from! Personally, I have almost ALL of them lol. They are slightly addictive and you may just want more!
  3. Pay it forward – You can start helping others on their journey by becoming a coach yourself.

What Others Are Saying….


I was concerned about spending money on the fitness program and quitting
But, since the challenge, I am in a better mood and I have more energy. I feel less puffy and am noticing muscles I never knew I had. I love the accountability.

I am a new person after starting my workouts. I was someone that never enjoyed working out, and now I look forward to my workouts and have a hard time NOT working out on rest days.

Ali is there when I need her and helps me when I feel I am in a rut. Her posts keep me motivated to keep going.

Lisa W

I have noticed that I feel better overall. My clothes are fitting better and the scale is going down as well as the inches coming off. I am also making better choices with food and portion sizes even when not doing a challenge, so that is a win over.

Shari R

Originally I was a little hesitant of the price, but since participating in the challenge I lost inches and my clothes fit better, I am eating healthy and feeling more energetic and am in a really good exercise routine now.

I love the daily check ins, they keep you going, remind you to get your workout in and Ali and the other participants help keep the motivation up!

The biggest benefit for me as getting myself into that daily workout routine. It is hard to fit it in sometimes but when you know others in the group are making it work you can too!

Emily C

Ready to get started?

Find yourself again by taking care of you!


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